Friday, February 25, 2011

FRIDAY FOLLIES: Sarah wuvs Sarah, The Silence of the Lump, and Solidarity Pizzas

Lou Sarah has a Facebook page praising Sarah Palin.  Turns out Lou Sarah IS Sarah Palin.  Everybody's in an uproar over this, but I say, You Go Girl.  If you don't love yourself, who else is going to love you?

And speaking of love, as Bluegal says, you gotta love those teachers:

So you know how we always had the feeling that Donald Rumsfeld saw his Secretary of Defense job as the most fun he ever had in his life?  I don't think Doug Feith ever felt that way.  Wonder how many memos like this came across his desk every day:

The crowds are still holding down the fort at Madison's State House, and everybody wants to do something to cheer them on (well, almost everybody), so someone in California called in a huge pizza order to Ian's, a local pizzeria and the pies were delivered lickety-split to the crowds.  Others got wind of it and pretty soon Ian's was fielding hundreds of orders from all around the world--so many that they had to stop taking any more.  But then Pizza Di Roma down the street took up the slack and last I heard they were sending out their delivery wagons, too.  (So what's for dessert?  Cheesecakes?)

Tuesday, February 22, marked the fifth Anniversary of courtroom silence by Clarence Thomas.  Five whole years barely speaking a word.  There are monks in the wilds of Tibet who would, if they could, be cheering his actions, but the rest of us just think it's mighty odd.  I'm hearing he doesn't want people to make fun of the way he talks.  He's had that all his life, poor guy--people looking down on him.  Makes me just want to give that big ol' teddy bear a big 'ol smack.  Snap out of it, Clarence, you're a United States Supreme Court justice.  It's not all about you.

Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor of Chicago and gave an acceptance speech without dropping a single F-bomb.  The crowd was disappointed, but they know his term is not over yet.

But, oh, those Brits.  Leave it to them to take what some might consider the ick factor and turn it into a gourmet melt-in-your-mouth total experience at a bargain basement $23 a scoop. Baby Gaga is a Covent Garden ice cream parlor's latest creation, made from free-range mother's milk (as opposed, I'm guessing, to the milk of caged mothers?), Madagascar vanilla and lemon zest.  Lactating moms are paid to produce the main ingredient and from what I can gather, it's win-win all around.  That is, unless you're the baby whose only source of milk is going elsewhere.  (Always a downside to every feel-good story, isn't there?)


Cartoon of the week:


  1. In no particular order...

    Someone in Racine ought to find a way to get the Madison folks some Kringle for breakfast.

    And who knew - Palin's her own sockpuppet!

    A guy I worked with back when we were doing a local sports-news show before games always said that people ought not to be allowed to call themselves "white supremacists" unless they could spell it correctly.

    I put up a little "musical history lesson" over at TPM-aholics. DD/Arthur seemed to like it.

    And a comment on the 'toon: It's largely because in this society, many people really don't have a grasp of how much wealth (and thus power) is concentrated at the very top, and how effectively everyone else has been manipulated into fighting over the scraps like starving wild dogs, that such attitudes arise. Ignorance is dangerous, far more so than we might think.

    And also because there is a persistent delusion in the wild that any one of us might somehow find ourselves plucked from obscurity and become incredibly wealthy.

    Won't happen. Social mobility is now lower in the US than in almost any other "modern" nation. (Downward might be the main exception!) Rags-to-riches is now rags-to-tatters for most of us.

    Wisconsin shows us something, though. Despite the foolish loyalists, there can come a point where the wall and the corner behind us will, as Sun Tzu so wisely pointed out long ago, "redouble (our) strength" - and having little left to lose will do that as well.

    What needs to happen now is somehow to reduce the tribalism infecting us like some malevolent pathogen, and thus reduce the disconnect between what we perceive and what's really going on.

    I don't yet have an answer to that. I'm working on it.

    For the moment, even marginally better will have to do as an alternative. And even marginally better is worth fighting for, as we see the other possibilities being imposed just to my east.

  2. Kringles, yes! We can get them in parts of the U.P, too.
    Love your musical history lesson. I've seen all but Seeger and Arlo. That was great. We need more of that to remind us why we're doing what we're doing.

    The cartoon hit home with me, as I've heard people talk like that--as if there's no hope of them making more so nobody should.

    Why ordinary people think their job is to give up everything in order to make the rich richer is a never-ending mystery.


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