Monday, April 4, 2011

Adding some Business to those Maine Labor Murals

Once again I'm drawn to the story of the Maine Labor Murals.  They're safely hidden out of sight where no one will be corrupted by those images for a while, but that doesn't mean they won't be talked about. Judy Taylor, the artist who painted the murals is offering to hang her father's war medal on one of the empty walls:
She said it was heartbreaking to learn that LePage may have decided to remove the mural after getting an anonymous letter that said the mural was reminiscent of brainwashing tactics in communist North Korea.
Taylor's father served in the Korean War as a forward observer.  "He was a man who stood by every word he spoke," she said in her statement. "Perhaps we should hang my father's Bronze Star for his service in Korea in the now-empty reception area of the Maine Department of Labor until the mural is returned, as a symbol of the importance of remembering our history and not shuttering it away."

There's also talk that the Governor could be in lukewarm (in olden days it would have been hot) water over breaking the contract with the artist.  Is there no end to the pain Gov. Paul LePage will have to suffer over his actions?  One can only hope.

There have been any number of responses to the removal of the murals, but the one that brought me to write about it again is a video put together by video producer Geoffrey Leighton showing how the murals could regain some legitimacy by adding some corporate faces to the mix.  Brillliant!

Note:  I found this video via The Liberal Light Facebook page, which then led me to The Maddow Blog, and now I'm posting it here. Passing it on. Networking is how we're going to get things done.  I see a trend growing on our side, finally.  We're networking, we're blog-reciprocating, we're joining together to spread the overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing in every corner of this country. 

If we keep it going we can't fail.


  1. All the networking in the world won't mean a thing if we don't get voters out next year.

    Yes, President Obama's less than perfect. He had the temerity to have been born human - how dare he? Yet one thought must remain foremost: Of those running who are (a) not Republican, because that is certainly not an option, and (b) those who are not Quixotic protest-candidates, and not third-party vote-stealers, in other words, those who have a real-world chance of winning, is there anyone better?

    Good. That's settled.

    Now that that's done, let's look state, let's look county, let's look local. Vote for who's better, because voting for someone who's perfect is not, and never has been, an option.

    It bears repeating: "voting for someone who's perfect is not, and never has been, an option."

    Perfection is indeed a mortal enemy of good.

    And when a faux-gressive tells you they're not voting, or going third-party, point at Walker, point at Snyder, point at Kasich, point at Christie, point at Michele bloody Bachmann and Newt $#*&-ing Gingrich, and get your hand in their collar and drag them to the polls. Because non-votes and third-party votes made all that happen. And it's time for it to stop.

    Vote as if your lives and livelihoods depended on it. They do.

  2. Apparently, the biggest problem in the state of Maine was the need to remove a Labor-history mural from the headquarters of the Maine Department of Labor! Way to prioritize¬, Governor LePage! Job-creation efforts aren't going so well.

  3. I agree with you all. Removal of labor-history mural is very important for this sate.


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