Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why aren't these Two Women in Jail?

In a righteous world, someone in control would watch this video and then use it as evidence in a courtroom.  Instead, because the victim is a child and the perpetrator is her mother and they're participants in a reality show, it is aired as a part of a segment and nothing happens.

It was posted on Huffington Post early yesterday but I just got it in my email a few minutes ago.  I haven't seen it talked about anywhere else.  That's why I'm posting it here.  If this isn't the most abusive kind of torture, I don't know what is.  If you think I'm overreacting, please tell me why. (And also tell me how someone could stand there and film this without doing something to intercede?  What about the other patrons?  Could nobody step forward and help this child?  My God.)

See video


  1. I couldn't watch more than a few seconds of that.

    I'd (rhetorically) ask "What's wrong with people?" except I don't think there's quite enough time left to either of us for a real answer.

    I've worked for some incredibly callous producers - I can tell you that there are people in the industry I will no longer work with because of things they've done. And no, I won't tell the stories here. (Check your FB messages...)

  2. Got your message, Alan. Sickening, really. That question "What's wrong with people?" is asked way too often. That there are no answers is pretty disturbing on its own.

  3. Price for beauty, indeed... This is so gross and even the Mom knew she was traumatized and did it anyway. I think that this whole reality show thing for beauty is out of control when it affects children like this. Waxing eyebrows at 5, I don't even do that. How can you sit there and let someone take the skin off your face and say it is for beauty? How? Nedra


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