Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Wretched, Reckless Approach to Health Care: It's Killing Us

We may be slow learners, but the rest of the industrial world has figured it out: Universal, single-payer or national health care systems. That's the reason why all those other countries cover everyone, have better patient outcomes, cause no one to declare bankruptcy or lose their homes because of medical bills, and spend less than half per capita on health care than we do.
We could do it too, by reducing the starting age for Medicare from 65 to 0. There's still time to act.  -  Michael Moore,  Huffington Post, 9/29/09 _____________________________________________________________________

 It doesn't matter what you say.  It doesn't matter what I say.  It doesn't matter what Robert Reich says.  It doesn't matter what Bill Moyers says.  It doesn't matter what Wendell Potter says.  It doesn't matter what Michael Moore says:

It doesn't matter what Jay Rockefeller says.  It doesn't matter what Anthony Wiener says.  It especially doesn't matter what Barack Obama says.

What matters is this:  We, the citizens and taxpayers, may win a skirmish or two, but in the end Big Business will win the battle.  They owned us yesterday, they own us today, and unless we finally get wise and get tough, they'll own us tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

They own us because they've ceaselessly, endlessly, without thought of the consequences, bought and paid for the loyalties of the majority of our elected officials.

We haven't quite come to terms with it yet--mainly because we can't quite believe it. We expect that sort of maneuvering by the Republicans.  Going against the Common Good in favor of the capitalists is in their DNA.  They apparently can't help it.

But the Democrats?  The Democrats.   The Blue Dogs--those dirty dogs--have sold us out. But the Blue Dogs aren't the only ones.  Not by a long shot.  On the Senate side, Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln, Kent Conrad, Bill Nelson and Tom Carper all voted against the public option.  Not surprisingly, they've all had their fingers in the Health Care honey pot.  According to Raw Story, those five senators have up to now received some 19 million dollars from the opposition to health care reform.  That opposition being, of course, the Health Care industries.  Those industries, I have to remind myself, that are devoted to caring for our health.

Sixty votes is the magic number.  Sixty Senate "yea" votes means a filibuster-proof passage.  It's the number that, if it isn't there, stops everything.  Convenient, isn't it?  It means even those who side with the insurance companies but don't want to admit it have an easy out.  "Can't vote yet because we don't have the 60."  Okay.  So what?

Where are the Dems who, if they're too cowardly to go for Single Payer, will at least put the vote for Public Option out there?  If it's voted down, after jawing about it for hours or days or weeks, then start all over again.  Put it out there again.  And then again.  Wear those filiblustering bastards down.

Millions of sick people are without a safety net.  People who could be saved are dying here. There is no reason, save greed, that we don't have a government-sponsored health care system.  I know it.  You know it.  We all know it.  If it's not in our budget, then shame on them.  They built that bloated budget on taxpayer money coerced from us through fear and outright lies.  Now that we need it for actual Common Good, they're going to pretend it's asking too much.  No.  They've asked too much of us for too long.  Now it's payback time.  They owe us.

So what are we going to do about it?  How long does this conversation go on?  There are people in our government who are intent on holding this up, and they're out there openly, blatantly, recklessly, holding this up.  We know who they are.  And they know we know who they are.  And they don't care.

So what are we going to do about it?  Good God. . .are you as sick of this as I am?  Enough, already. There are some enormous asses out there for the prodding, so. . .where the hell is my pitchfork?


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  1. Thanks for coming by my place and following. Hope we get a true Health Care solution passed, it will be a challenge.

  2. Hi Ken, I hope so, too. It's going to take a whole lot of us to do a whole lot of convincing. So far it's like talking to brick walls, but I know there's a door in there somewhere!

  3. Nice post. I am glad there are others out there blogging about this stuff. You are so right about us needing to get our act together soon, or it will be too late to do anything about health care. That's what the Repubs want. They get richer that way! You're right about the Blue dogs. That one place where Dems should take a lesson from the Repubs. There are no dirtier political campaigns than when the Repubs are slugging it out for the nomination at the RNC. But once they choose their candidate, every single Repub supports that person unquestionably. It's kind of "sheepish" but it gets the job done. Dems are constantly arguing with each other. We need to create that solid immovable front. I guess being a silent follower is really hard to do when you can actually think and reason for yourself. But I do think we need to get some solidarity and consistent support if we ever want to make a positive impact quickly.

  4. Stan, thanks for commenting and for adding me to your blogroll.

    Don't be nervous about blogging. As the great Maggie Kuhn said, "Speak your mind, even is your voice shakes." We have a mission now and we need every voice rising in unison.

    "That solid immovable front". That's us! (Or should be. Or will be. Yes, it HAS to be.)

  5. Okay, let me try that again:

    "Speak your mind even IF your voice shakes"!!

  6. Thanks Ramona. I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with the blog. But it is evolving like everything else. Unless your a "right wingnut", in which case, my blog has always been here and in it's present state. I blogged with the dinosaurs. :) Thanks for being such a spearhead for the movement.

  7. Ramona thanks again. I am glad that you are posting about the blue dogs. It is different when I hear a fellow blogger speak about causes like health care reform than it is as to when I hear the Huffington Post cover their side. It is not that Commercial News Bloggers are not effective, to me it becomes more credible when you and my fellow bloggers speak about it.

  8. Lelo, you make a good point. It does seem more credible, or more real, when ordinary bloggers speak out, as opposed to the "mainstream" blogs.

    I hadn't thought of it that way, but I do appreciate reading what others like myself have to say about the issues I care about.


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