Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Little Boys, Sittin' in the Mud. . .

There's nothing Chris Matthews likes better than a good fight. That's not my observation alone-- every now and then he has to laugh at himself when he slyly admits that he loves a good verbal battle so much he's been known to instigate one just to keep his addiction going.

Maybe that's why he didn't come to classy, smart Joan Walsh's defense last night when that crude, boorish anachronism known as Dick Armey went after her--I guess for being so far ahead of him he couldn't keep up.

Watch Dick Armey as Joan Walsh speaks, but watch Matthews, too. They're like two little boys listening to the smart lady who's talking way over their heads. They squirm, they wiggle, they grin. . .Matthews because he's sitting right across from Armey, watching his every move, and he knows there's going to be fireworks when Walsh stops.

But keep watching, because toward the end you'll see Bob Herbert stop "Hardball" dead in it's tracks in order to say what Matthews himself should have said the second Armey launched his nutty, sexist attack. (I'm crazy about Bob Herbert, and this is just one reason why.)

And, finally, watch as Matthews realizes that he should have been the grownup there, and only after Bob Herbert brings it to his attention does he then reluctantly admit that Armey was out of line.

I haven't forgotten Matthews' goofy explanation of why Hillary Clinton got where she was. But in case you have, here it is:

Let's face it, "Hardball" is a train wreck and Chris Matthews is the man-child engineer. My only excuse for watching it is. . .that I have no excuse.

But if Joan Walsh and Bob Herbert can stomach him long enough to spend a few minutes on his show, the least I can do is watch.



  1. With the mentality Dick Armey exhibited, I truly am amazed he's still around in today’s political playing field. Chris Matthews just says stupid things because he wants to stir the pot, perform to keep his ratings. Armey is way out there. His poisonous tongue, coupled with a 19th century mentality brings us back to the suffragette days. Like American blacks, women also trekked a hard and cruel journey to be respected in today’s political world. You titled this blog perfectly, it made me laugh out loud!

  2. I'm always surprised to see Dick Armey surface anywhere. Only someone like Matthews would give him the time of day. He's hoping the old man will perform as expected--and he always does.

    I'm sure Armey thought he came out ahead, but classy Joan was the winner of the day.

    Thanks for your comments. Perfect!


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