Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop the Madness! Sign this Petition!!

Hello, fellow outraged citizen.  Are you as outraged as I am we are?  Have you had enough?  Are you one of those astute, sentient, breathing persons who has noticed that things are all topsey-turvey and upside down and going over a cliff and getting really bad? 

They would like you to think that they've won and there is no hope and you're just a little pea in a pumpkin patch, but you're not!  NO, YOU'RE NOT!! You can do something about it!!  Yes, you!

You can join us in signing this petition to let everybody know you've we've had enough!!  This kind of thing can't go on!!!  Together we can make this happen!!!!  We can slap the snot out of those monsters!!! Maybe not literally, but by tapping the keyboard really hard RIGHT NOW, we can get ourselves all het up and--who knows?--maybe even virtually yell loud enough to get through to those crazy characters, who will (don't you just know it!) pretend they can't hear us and will virtually yell back, "I can't hear you!"

After you've typed your name and have checked to make sure it has magically appeared on a line provided for just that purpose, you'll be directed to another page where you can cement your outrage for all time by putting your money where your mouth is.

Here, even though you don't know us from a hill of beans, you will give us your real name, your real address, your real phone number, your real credit card number, the amount you would like to donate to our cause (don't be chintzy now, we know who you are), and proof of citizenship (See Below).

(Below) Proof of citizenship requires these three things:  An apple pie recipe (no strudel!), a notarized letter from your particular Man of God stating he/she has seen you in a place of worship at least 52 times in the past year, and John Wayne's real name, place of birth, and secret location of body mole.

***Sign here if you agree that things can't go on this way and firmly believe in your heart of hearts that you can actually change those things that can't go on by signing your name to an internet petition and giving us money so we can serve you even better by creating more petitions.  (Be assured that we will save your name, address, phone number and credit card information for future petitions, saving you all kinds of time when you come back.  You're welcome.)

X___________________________________________________  (Your honest and true signature, right?)

Reader, please note:  I've signed many petitions I truly believe are worthwhile, and I'll keep doing it.  Some really do get results.  But dozens of them appear in my mailbox nearly every day and too many of them are not what I would call "urgent" (or even necessary).  Many of them are obviously out there to do a little fund-raising, and, again, more power to them.  But sometimes enough is enough. 

And come on, that poster is funny--right?


  1. Many such petitions, as you note, are an excuse to get your personal info including your credit-card number and don't do much to effect change.

    But once in awhile they actually work, as the Color of Change proved with its successful effort to pressure Fox to remove Glenn Beck from its airwaves.

    I sign occasional petitions but generally skip the fundraising page. If I want to donate to a candidate or cause, I can figure it out myself.


    P.S. It's Thursday, right? Cuz when I saw this, I had to stop and think about it, haha...

    1. Lol, Linda, you caught me. I was going to wait until Friday to post this but I'm going to be on the road tomorrow so I did it today, hoping I would get comments and I could respond to them. (It's on dag and Open Salon, too)

      There are petitions that get enough signatures to actually make a difference, and I applaud them, but now that anyone can start a petition with a simple template, the really good ones are getting lost in the dust, and that's a shame.

      I get five to 10 petition requests a day, I swear, and some of them are too silly to ever take seriously.

      And, yes, they all want money. And, no, I don't give money that way, either.

      (Thanks for commenting, and for your support!)


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