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My name is Ramona Grigg.  It's my real name and I'm a real person.  I write this blog myself, but with the help of many outstanding voices.  I published the first post on January 20, 2009, the day of President Barack Obama's first inauguration.  I knew history was in the making and I wanted to find a way to chronicle the times ahead.

My background is as a freelance feature writer and columnist with both newspaper and magazine experience.  Blogging seemed a natural transition, and, while I admit to some backsliding and thumb-sucking when the events of the day get too crazy, I also admit that I'm having the time of my life keeping this blog going.

I'm an opinionated liberal and a lifelong, unapologetic Democrat.

I'm older than most of you but I try not to make an issue of my age, unless age is an issue worth talking about.

Still. . .

I remember where I was when FDR died. (In the back of my classroom choosing books to take home to read.  I got hysterical at the news and my mom had to come and get me.)

I was crazy about Adlai Stevenson and if I had been old enough I would have voted for him.

When JFK was assassinated, I was a heartbroken, terrified mom trying to explain to two frightened young children that no matter what happened next, we would keep them safe.

In 2001, when the buildings at the World Trade Center collapsed after terrorists drove airliners into them, we were telling our frightened grandchildren the same thing.

That's what we're all doing on these pages.  We're trying to keep everyone safe.

More about me:  I live in a small but cozy cabin on an island off of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a 15-minute ferry-ride and 60 miles of back roads to the nearest McDonalds. 

I lead a quiet life away from my former haunts in the city, away from hustling and bustling and keeping on and keeping up, but my self-imposed isolation is not so complete that I can't get a handle on what is going on in my state, my country or my world.  Satellite dishes bring in the madness that is advertiser-driven television.  DSL came to our island a few years ago, and newspapers, books and magazines are still easy to come by. (You would be surprised at how current the magazines are in the recycling trailer.)

My years of living in or near Detroit with people who labored to make steel or build cars or actually contribute to the well-being of our society have stayed with me and colored my views, and, as a result, I'm more than just inclined to speak out against those who have cruelly altered our country in ways that were unimaginable even a couple of decades ago.

Labor Day Parade - Detroit, 1953

Laborers and Labor Unions worked hard to build this country, and while we see it being lost to ignorance, hubris, duplicity and greed, our pride in our accomplishments sends us out to try and save it again.  We can do it, but not without help. 

My goal here is to draw attention to the issues, to expose the liars, crooks, and cheats, and to encourage and support the good guys--the women and men who work tirelessly to make the changes we'll need in order to combat and defeat the status quo.

It not only can be done, it must be done.  Our voices together can make it happen.

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